Botticelli’s Venus as part of a slide show on buildings during the Festival of Lights in Lyon, France.

surrealistic painting.
lenticular cloud and dune field in front of colorados sangre de cristo range.

the mural I curated on the Lower East Side featuring over a dozen graffiti and street artists from New York

Discover the fascinating geological oddities you can find in America’s national parks, including the mysterious “sailing stones” in Death Valley National Park.
Photograph by Gary Crabbe, Alamy


My biggest Canvas is about to get a makeover .. So I thought I’d share it’s picture before that happens
"neon architect"
5th Street, Street Art, Richmond VA

Nulla di eccezionale, ma ho trovato interessante la "solitudine" di quest’albero, posizionato alla fine di un molo, il quale pare condurre alla solitaria pianta per permetterle di ricevere - chissà - qualche visita…

Port Noarlunga, South Australia by ju5t4fun
smithsonianmag:Photo of the Day: Gray Sky Ghost Town
Photo by Beverly Houwing (Beverly Hills, CA, USA); Bridgeport, CA, USA