breathtakingdestinations:Monteriggioni - Tuscany - Italy (von DarkB4Dawn)
breathtakingdestinations:Camogli - Italy (von Ciccio Pizzettaro)
travelingcolors:Stelvio National Park | Italy (by Flavio Chioda)
abstrackart:Letting Go  30 x 30
itinsightus:Curve by salamandro
abstrackart:Evolution  36 x 36
natgeotravel:Plunging cliffs, steeply terraced slopes, and vibrant homes dot the the stunning coast in Riomaggiore, Italy.
Photograph by Matt Propert, National Geographic
earthyday:Venice - Italy  by Guerel Sahin
superbimages:shoe by skidtography
staff:Tumblr. Now available as clothes. 

The Perfect Summer  36 x 36

New York with a Moon by Georgia O’Keeffe
diet-of-chocolate-and-cigarettes:nudelholz :D on We Heart It